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AYUDH: Youth Related Articles

Ayudh Summit Exceeds Expectations

Kannan and DiviaAYUDH Europe's 12th Annual Youth Summit: One World. One Home, held at the MA centre in Brombactal, Germany. was the biggest gathering of young people so far, with over 300 participants from 27 different countries. Every day was packed with a diverse range of workshops, activities and interactive reflection sessions led by several inspirational speakers such as: Gopi Kallayil, chief brand evangelist at Google, Br Shubambrita and Swami Amritaswarupananda. There was also an interactive panel on Gender equality, which generated conversation based around feminism and gender equality.

We even had the opportunity to hold a high-level symposium: ‘The One Humanity Symposium’ at the historic Kloster Eberbach monastery, meeting site for the German federal government and filming site for many films and TV programmes. With speakers such as, Bjorn Ihler, a survivor of the 2011 Utøya attacks in Norway, and Martine Reicherts the European Commission Director-General of Education and Culture, we were granted a unique opportunity to reflect on ways how young people can create a more peaceful and inclusive society. We were also blessed to receive a special personal message from Amma herself.

Symposium group photoThe UK group had a ton of fun. Some of our fondest memories from this year included our cultural presentation, in which we had the opportunity to work with the Ireland group to show our vision of ‘One World, One home’. This did include a very special guest, who we hope will appear in some of our photos. Of course, this year’s summit was not complete until we had our multicultural festival OdenWorld, in which we showcased talents from AYUDH participants as well as several famous performers, including award-winning Isreali band 'The Ultras' and polish rapper Spinace.

There are of course plenty of stories from this year and we would love to share more. So like us on Facebook at AYUDH UK, email Aiknath or read more about the week at: — Aiknath

‘A medley of fun, community and learning built around a core of development and spirituality, is just one way to attempt to describe AYUDH Europe's summit …The best part about the summit, however, may be the youth themselves. To see so many bright and enthusiastic minds in one place, there to make a difference, really gives hope for the future of humankind.’ — Arjun Clare

Ayudh in the Garden

With Amma's InDeed Campaign in mind, a small group of us met up for the "AYUDH Garden Gathering" in Sunningdale on the 13th April. Under the beautiful sunshine we enjoyed a fulfilling day of physical labour and a great many laughs. There was plenty of tidying to be done after the months of rain and storms, and work to do on the vegetable plots and leaf compost heaps. It was a beautiful day and a valuable opportunity for us all to spend some time in Nature and witness the approach of Spring.

9th AYUDH International Camp

I recently returned from an amazing experience; the 9th AYUDH International Camp in Germany.

The camp has been going for nine years since 2004 and each year it has grown bigger and better from what I’ve heard. It was my first time at the camp and I was made to feel welcome immediately.

The purpose of this year’s camp was to find our vision for the world. The motto of the camp was “World, Vision, Future!”. To help find our vision we had a few talks and drew or painted our vision on a world map. At the start of the camp each country also had some time to do a presentation on what their country needed for a better future.

There were 18 countries attending. I made so many good friends and have kept in touch with lots of them. I found everyone here was very different and open to new people and new ideas which I loved. Usually I find it quite hard to find teenagers I like but here there were so many. I felt so happy and settled in very quickly.

The camp was full of awesome activities such as the workshops, the drum concert, the talks, the Bhajans and the selfless service (seva).

When we registered, we all picked a workshop we would most like to do and our second and third as well. I picked the horse awareness course about working with horses in a different way than I am used to. In the course we did a little 5 minute meditation at the start of each session, body scans and understanding the horses boundaries. We also understood the emotions the horse feels when we do certain things. We had four 2 hour sessions of workshops throughout the whole camp which I absolutely loved!

The environment and the landscape of the place was amazing. The Ashram was set on a hill and we had the most wonderful views of forests. There was also a lake which was nice to cool down in on some of the scorching hot days we had there.

When we arrived we all got put into groups in which we did our seva. Each group had four sessions of seva in the whole week which included meal serving, dish washing and cleaning. To me this sounded really boring but once I got into it I actually found that I really enjoyed it!

One of the main parts of the camp was the talks. We had six people talk altogether, Bri. Dipamrita, Aart Huijg, Laura Schneider, Kirty Matabadal, Br. Shubamrita and Jani Toivola. All of these talks were extremely interesting to me and other people and had a big impact on the camp. They also really inspired me.

Another thing which was quite a big part in the camp was the festival of colours that took place on the foUrth day. We all wore white and threw powder paint of multi colours into the air. Everyone loved this highlight in the camp!

Over all I can say it was an amazing camp! I'm defiantly going to go next year. Thanks you to everyone who helped organise it.

By Beth Sadler, 14

Ayudh Europe

9th AYUDH International Camp
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