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Latest Messages

War is Primitive

Amma delivered this message on 31 March 2003,
after the United States' invasion of Iraq.

War is primitive. Progress is external and culture internal. War is the manifestation of a social psyche that is unable to connect the two. This state of affairs is becoming the curse of humanity.

Peace is the way to liberation. Krishna, Christ and Allah abide only in a heart devoid of conflict. More than the destruction wrought on the outside, the wounds inflicted on people's emotional psyche will linger for generations together. Providing food, housing and medical treatment is only a temporary solution for those suffering from the atrocities of war. It may not heal those wounds in the human mind caused by conflict. This applies equally to the warring sides as well as to the general populace.

Today, voices in protest against the on-going war are rising all around the world. The voice of prayer should rise along with the voices of protest. May that chorus of voices of prayer soothe the hearts of all. May there be peace and contentment everywhere, in everyone, always.


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