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Mayday Fundraiser for Amma Centre a Success

Sunday 4 May

Quite some weeks of planning had gone into the Dinner-Dance event on May 4 2014. From the hall hire, to props, catering, performances, stalls, music & projection, advertising, logistics, setup, welcoming, compering, auctioning, raffle, encouraging and even cajoling to get the show on. Something like a mini-visit rehearsal perhaps! And how many new volunteers attended and helped out. It was really inspiring and we raised £2250 for the MA Centre UK fund.

Here is some feedback:

From Krishnee:

Thank you for making me part of something so special today.

I felt so much love and peace today, helping set up things and meeting all you lovely and warm people. I am sorry I had to leave early but I live in West London and had to come back home to revise for my final exams.

I will be soon be leaving for India, and then head back home to Mauritius, so I won’t maybe have the chance of seeing you again. But I will always treasure today’s magic and love.

Keep up the good work and ensuring that Amma’s legacy shines all over the world. Thank you again!

From Ana:

The people were wonderful, the food was glorious and entertainment on such a high level.... What I found most valuable is meeting people who knew Amma for so long and hearing about the change Amma made in their lives.

I would like to mention that it brought tears to my eyes to see 6 of my clients who never heard of Amma or met Amma before, attend the event... the only thing that In my opinion would help raise more funds, if we are to organise something similar again is that maybe the auction and raffle starts sooner... and the entertainment continuos after . I had to leave earlier and so did many of my clients. This is just because I think maybe we could have raised even more funds..

Nevertheless I had a great feedback from all of my clients and they will be getting a Darshan and meeting Amma when she arrives in UK.

From Ankita:

The fund raising was soooo much fun!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you for making it happen.

We should do more.

From Juliana:

I had a lovely time at the fundraise last weekend and the meal was absolutely fantastic! Thank you! It was such a pleasure to perform at Amma's fundraise. I have posted the recording on my facebook page but I will be sending it on YouTube also so you can watch and share it.

From Penelope:

It was a pleasure to perform at the recent dinner dance programme. I highly reccomend other devotees hiding their talents to perform next time! The audience were very friendly. It was lots of fun to watch the other acts and the food was delicious. The henna design I received was a highlight for me too.

Thanks to everyone involved for their contributions to this lovely day.

From Raj:

Nishita and Amshi enjoyed baking cupcakes and taking ownership of having their little stall to run. It gives children a task and builds their confidence in a safe environment. Having the understanding and responsibility of handling money even though it is a small amount.

They also enjoyed performing their dance as they had been practicing for the event over the last 10 days.

From Mohini:

Creative ideas, great efforts and efficient organisation all undertaken in the spirit of love and selfless service resulting in a great Fundraising event to raise money for the London Amma Centre on Sunday 4 May in East London. Sunmptuous food, cakes all mixed with love, comedy, music – a great surprise in the “Three Degrees” (Indian style) performed by our sisters Zani, Ankita and Aloka, was indeed one of the highlights of the day. The auction was great fun, stylishly officiated by Kamajit and Kamal. Such generosity, fun and ease. On a personal note I was thrilled to be able to sing for everyone and felt Amma’s love and energy present throughout.

Team feedback:

It was the little things that stood out as particularly special. For example Raji, Vargini & Kamini had made dainty ‘Amma’s Chia Masala’ for sale. They had spent days refining special ingredients to make the mellowest, the smoothest chia we had ever tasted! and packed it in cute bottles to raise funds, these were sold out pretty quickly.
Ana had only recently met Amma, but had been inspired to start a successful healing practice, she brought 6 of her clients to volunteer and participate. They helped to setup and serve everyone else. Ana also offered really nice items for the auction.
Juliana’s superbly choreographed Samba dance with Arthur was magical. She danced despite having an injured foot.
Dr Inthu currently on study-leave from AIMS hospital took time out to hand-stitch the table covers. Lucky for her that she won no less than 4 of the raffle prizes!
The 'Ian Batten' designer labels. The glorious wild flower arrangements from Francis.
The ‘Three Degrees’ for their matching evening dresses and perfected dance routines that demanded an encore from the appreciative crowd. Andrew Prasad couldn’t attend but took the time to hand-deliver a new pan for the auction.
The ‘Amma Kids’ really coming along with their ‘Bolleywood’ dance, song and keyboard routines.
It was inspiring to watch the ‘Bel Puri-Pani Puri’ team ( Anuja and Preti) hard at work.
Congratulations to our up & coming comperes, Pravin & Vaishnavi, who cracked jokes and kept the show rolling, with Kuldeep providing hilarious sound effects, Kamaljit & kids making us ‘more-bid’ with their 'Lots' whilst Sandra held fort at reception. The ever-reliable Suleka’s delicious Paneer, Ameya & Jayashree’s welcoming and Shiyamala’s dream cakes! were some of the little but immensely special events of the day.

Everyone worked selflessly and as a great team.

On behalf of the London Satsang & MA Centre UK
Thanks to everyone
Mike P, Yamunah & Vakees

Dear Amma family

We are looking to create The MA Centre UK, which not only serves Amma’s UK devotees but the whole of the UK, and its diverse communities. Our hope is that the Centre will become a beacon of light, a place where devotees and members of the UK community come together in love and service to support various charitable activities.

Thank you all so much for your donations so far for the MA Centre.

So far we have raised £4,000, which is fantastic, thank you to all the wonderful people that have donated this amount

This is great start, but we desperately need more help to reach our target. We have had a loan offered to us of £400,000, so that leaves us with £600,000 left to raise before we can purchase the premises for the Centre.

We are at the stage, unfortunately, where we have had to delay negotiations as we just don't have the full the funds to buy the Centre, so if we are really able to realize this dream we have to come together with our love of Amma to make this dream come true.

Other countries that have not been able to raise the funds have not been able to buy a centre and it would be very sad if were also to be in that position.

If each of us was able to spare around £50, we would be well on our way to being able to buy the Centre So, please spread the word. Any amount, however small, would be greatly appreciated. A number of people have set up standing orders for £10 a month, thank you so much for that, it would be great if more people joined in, we can get closer and closer to our aim.

  • Set Up a Standing Order: Please set up a monthly Standing Order to the bank details below.
  • Organise a fundraising activity such as a car boot sale, farmers market, to raise money.
  • Approach a person or company you feel would like to contribute to a worthy cause, sometimes an employer will match your contributions, it's worth asking.

Please remember that if you are a tax-payer, you can pay Gift Aid on top of your donation, to increase it by a fantastic 20%!

Next Steps

If you would like to make a donation, please make payments to:

Name: MA Centre, UK
Bank: Co-operative Bank
Sort Code: 08-92-99
Account: 65389216

If you have previously set up a standing order or transfer, please send all new payments to the account above. If you are a UK tax payer, we can earn a further 20% of your donation by Gift Aid. Please ask for a Gift Aid form and we will email it to you. All donations and conversations will be treated with the utmost confidence.

When making a donation through this bank account, please inform Kamal and Akhilesh by email. Please contact them with any other questions as well:

Kamal -
Akhilesh -

Let us hope and pray that we will have a place for our community to meet in soon.

Thank you.

"The beauty and charm of selfless service
should never die away
from the face of this earth" -Amma

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