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Amma's 2017 UK Visit

Spiritually preparing for Amma’s visit

Q. How should people approach You in order to get Your darshan strongly?

Amma: People are of different natures. Amma receives everyone equally – gives them all the same opportunity, the same love, the same darshan. She discards none, because all are Her children. However, depending on the receptivity of the receiver, darshan will be different. Darshan is always there. It is a never-ending flow. You just have to receive it. If you can completely withdraw from your mind for at least one second, darshan in all its fullness will happen.

Q. In that sense, does everyone receive Your darshan?

Amma: It depends how open the person is. The more open, the more darshan they receive. Though not fully, everyone receives a glimpse.

Q: A glimpse of what?

Amma: A glimpse of what they really are.

Q: Does it mean they will get a glimpse of what You really are as well?

Amma: The reality in both you and in Amma is the same.

Questions taken from “From Amma’s Heart”, Amma: The blissful silence of love. (Conversations with Sri Mata Amirtanandamayi Devi, by Sw. Amritapswarupananda, Amritapuri Mission Trust Publications, Kollam 2003, pp. 262-263) available in the UK, see Mail order, or from details on Contact us page.

Amma arrives
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