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Latest Messages

Amma asks that we Pray for World Peace

10 October 2005 - Munich, Germany.

Amma wants all of her children to offer a silent prayer for world peace and harmony. For the thousands of people who died in the devastating earthquake in Pakistan, India and Afghanistan… For those who lost their homes and hopes in the tsunami…And in the Hurricane in the United States… For the people who died in the stampede in Iraq… For those who drowned in the floods in Mumbai and South America… For the people who are dying in wars and terrorist attacks… Let us pray for their peace of mind and also for their near and dear ones who will have to continue living immersed in the painful memories of the departed souls…

Amma says, "The tragedies we are experiencing are not finished. Nature continues to be angry and agitated. Only the cool, gentle breeze of divine grace can lift the clouds of anger, hatred and revenge. So, let us pray with melting hearts."

People standing on a section of bridge which was washed away by Katrina Hurricane.

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