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Latest Messages

Amma's International Peace Day message, 2004

"God's power is the only source in which humankind can take refuge
when they realise that self effort and its results are limited. In
today's world, we have reached a point where peace is no longer
attainable through human effort alone. In fact, the current condition
is such that we must offer our heartfelt prayers for God's grace,"
Amma said.

She was talking to the thousands of devotees who were
anxiously waiting to receive her blessings at the Mata Amritanandamayi Math, Kunnupuram, Edappally.

Amma continued, "It is difficult for human beings to admit that the
power of ego is crumbling-but it is the truth. Although human effort
is necessary, we must also have faith in the Universal Power. It is
this Spiritual Power we must recognise and with which we must

"We took solace in believing that the sagas of Hitler and Kamsa would
never repeat themselves. We wanted to believe that the world could
never again fall so far. Nonetheless, today we find those same old
stories renewing themselves right in front of our eyes."


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