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Satsang News

Lily's story about experiencing the Birmingham Satsang

Birmingham Satsang

After 10 years in Shanghai, I found myself landing at Heathrow on the third of May with a trolley of suitcases. My company has moved me here for a one-year job assignment. A new chapter of my life unfolds with the theme of “Goodbye China, Hello England.”

It’s been two weeks now that I have been in England, and although I haven't found a flat a car, the important thing is that I already found my Amma family in England.

Before I came over, Chad Kymal, the director of Amma's Michigan center, visited Shanghai, and through him I got connected with Yamunah and Vakees via emails, who soon kindly introduced me to Adele, since I am based in Birmingham area. Adele told me there was a Satsang in a devotee's house on the evening of Saturday 16 May 2015 -- and I decided to go.

The taxi driver dropped me in front of Roz's house and Adele greeted me at the door with a big hug. Entering inside, I saw Amma's photo was placed in the centre of the living room. Chanting and bhajan books were on the carpet with different kinds of musical instruments. Roz was preparing dinner and the yummy smell of Indian food came out of the kitchen. Immediately the scene appeared so familiar, and I almost forgot where I was. I could be in Shanghai, Singapore, San Ramon or Kerala – basically anywhere with Amma's presence. I took out my pen and wrote down in my dairy “You make me feel at home and part of your family wherever I am. Thank you, Mother!” The team was so welcoming and a lovely evening passed by very quickly. The house was filled with joy, love and devotion to our beloved Amma.

Back in Shanghai, the Satsang team greeted Amma and so many of her children who were traveling. With her grace, now I have become an expat and am joining her children in foreign land. In fact, I don't feel that I am in a foreign land because I know that wherever I go, I am in her hands. Ever since I met her in 2004, she has brought me into an international family, connecting me with dear brothers and sisters around the world. She always ensures we are well looked after spiritually and materially no matter where we are, with lots of love. At the end of the satsang tonight, each of us took a challenge card – a card with a message from Amma. Mine said, “Today I will think about my beloved Deity no matter where I am or what I am doing.” I don't know where I am going after 12 months, but for now I am looking forward to the coming year with Amma’s family in the UK.

Joyful Satsang in Derby

The satsang at Lavan and Sneha's house last weekend coincided with their wedding anniversary. What a lovely way to celebrate! Devotees gathered from London, Birmingham, Stroud, Derbyshire and Lithuania!

The highlights for me were: chanting 1000 names together bringing deep peace and stillness; a joyful impromptu group dance to MataRani!!; tales of sadhus, service and first-hand accounts of Amma in Rome with the Pope as we sat around the table together over a beautiful meal.

"It is always so lovely to reconnect with our Amma family again, experiencing that instant sense of belonging, purpose and love that Amma has made available to us by being among us." – Jane O'Byrne

"Sitting in the car which is taking me back to London am feeling blessed & blissful!

Blessed cause I got a chance an opportunity to travel, meet, interact and to become friends with another devotees of Amma...the hosts of the satsang in Ilkeston, Derbyshire....

They truly touched my heart by their generous spirit, warmth, devotion, industry & lofty is always a blessing to meet such souls...

Small group of devotees attended the lasted over three hours even though at the end of it it felt as if we just the perception of time vanished & the bliss of being in the moment united our consciousness in divine worship nourishing souls & uplifting our spirits.

Sumptuous prasad & engaging conversations followed...

Am very grateful to the hosts Sneha & Laban for bringing us all together under their roof, uniting us in common purpose & so forging our spiritual aspirations towards virtue, selfless love, divine worship.

If you ever get a chance to attend & support other satsang groups please do'll feel blessed by meeting other beautiful souls & feel blissful by merging into a group consciousness by worshiping the divine which will purify & heal your soul & body.

Fraternal embrace, love & best wishes to all!" - Saulius C.

"After a warm welcome and a refreshing drink, we began by chanting the 108 Names of Amma and the 1000 Names of the Divine Mother. Yamuna, who led, encouraged us to sing the words rather than just the responses; as a newcomer to Archana I found this helpful and inspiring.

There followed a reading from a talk in which Amma stresses the relationship between thought, word and action, and the need for discrimination. Then a series of beautiful bhajans, led by Jane, Adel, Yamuna, Vakees and Tryambaka respectively.

After leading us for Arati, Yamuna launched us into a spirited performance of 'Mata Rani ne Kripa Barsayi' which had us all on our feet, some dancing, others enthusiastically accompanying on drum, tambourine and guitar. It made a joyful and exuberant ending to to a beautiful satsang.

Our host and hostess had prepared a most delicious meal which we all enjoyed seated around a large table. Lavan, Vakees and Yamuna regaled us with colourful accounts of their recent experiences with Amma, which reflected the boundless love and secret omniscience of our beloved Satguru!

On behalf of us all I should like to express my gratitude to Lavan and Sneha for their kindness and hospitality. It was a truly inspiring occasion and one that will surely serve to bring devotees of Amma closer together. May there be many more of such blissful celebrations of Amma's Love!" - Tryambaka

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