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Live linkup

Live Link-up with Ashram on New Year's Eve

Thursday 31 December
Venue: 30 Shelton Road, Merton Park, SW19 3AT Change of Venue

There is the possibility of a live web cast link-up with the Amritapuri Ashram on New Year's Eve to see in the Indian New Year together with Amma in Amritapuri. We will be gathering at some point in the afternoon but we won't know the exact time until nearer the date.

If you are interested in coming for the possible webcast, please call or email so we can let you know the precise time and location when it becomes available.

Contact: Balakrishna 07723346608.


Connecting with my Amma Family at New Year’s

January 2013

This New Year's Eve was my first spent at Sunnindgale with most of the London Satsang Group. I woke up that morning happy to cook one of my favourite Genoese dishes -polpettone! I did not know what to expect from the evening, so I went with no expectations, took the train & there I was, in a lovely English countryside, in a very beautiful house with very beautiful people – my “family”!

There were 18 of us and everyone brought something from yummy food to delicious chocolates. We started singing bhajans, (always checking which one had been sang in Amritapuri by Our Mother!), then we all ended up dancing (like Amma dances!), then we had a blessed supper where abundance was our friend. At that point I connected with my "other" family in Italy (11 o' clock but midnight there).

The New Year was slowly coming and already in India had come, I felt we all were so close: India, Italy, England. All the loved ones far away from all of us, we were all connected as One...the Thousand Names sounded like an echo of Happy New Year to everyone with fireworks outside. Midnight had come so Lokaha Samastah Sukino Bhavantu and there Amma was, looking at us, her children.

The day after we woke up with the most amazing sun filling our hearts with hope and gratitude, true love and bhakti. Thank you Amma. Life is so precious, so beautiful and I am so blessed that you are in my life. - Titiksha

New Year’s Link-up with Amritapuri

December 2010

We heard from Amritapuri at almost the last minute that our request for a live webcast as the New Year began at the ashram had been granted. By a miracle of organisation and effort, 13 different Amma centres from all around the world including the UK were being connected so they could be seen by Amma on one desktop screen. The timing was perfect as we had just finished the Archana and peace mantras when Amma came to the auditorium.

Live Linkup
To view larger, click here for PDF version.
This event at Ganga (Gabby) and Balakrishna (Andy’s) home in Sunningdale followed a trial link up on Christmas Eve in London, when it was not always clear to us that Amma was looking at the screen to make contact with the different centres around the world.

Some ashramites commented that we seemed to be ‘sitting still like dolls’ and that they hoped that we would be more interactive in future webcasts. Apparently, Amma made numerous efforts to wave to us and communicate then but, due to some technical glitch, it was not possible for us to see Amma at the time. So each of the centres had made a resolve to be more extrovert and interactive for this session.

On this occasion we could see Amma very clearly. She was happy, interacting with the crowds which were huge and occasionally would look at the screen (i.e. at us).

Determined to make up for our doll-like appearance on Christmas Eve, we laid plans to plan to ‘catch’ Amma’s attention. Vakees dressed up as Swamiji !! and Devi as The Queen (see the screenshot). The plan was that Swamiji would talk to Amma in Malayalam (voice courtesy of Shiju) something along the lines of his visit and satsangs in the UK going very well, that he was missing Amma etc and then he would introduce The Queen (voice courtesy of Leena) who would speak in anglicised Malayalam saying how much she admired Amma and telling about the upcoming marriage of William, etc. All this would be accompanied by suitable support from the group. The Swamiji outfit (complete with hair, beard and ochre clothes) surprised many, even the regulars were taken by surprise seeing this padded-up Swamiji-figure with a commanding presence.

Of course the programmes in Amritapuri were too hectic and busy to expect Amma to interact other than via a glance or two at the screen, but everyone became excited and raucous upon seeing Amma staring curiously at the screen and looking puzzled. All of us felt Amma was looking at us and so ‘Swamiji’ did a very slow motion Pranam to Amma and then getting up did a full circumambulation which Amma looked at most interestedly for at least a minute. After this, Amma’s attention was drawn once again to the stage where the programmes were going on.
Later Amma gave darshan after the programmes. At this stage all the centres could hear each other (as the audio had been turned on) and we could all hear Br. Shubamrita say Amma was asking who was the Swami in London! Imagine our excitement and happiness that Amma had spotted us out of 13 centres and further to make a comment.
So despite the improbability of such an event happening, Amma had managed in one simple act to fulfil the desires of all the international centres and the UK satsang members present. May Amma’s Grace make us all more playful. -- Vakees

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