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GreenFriends Events

“All beings on earth depend on one another for survival. If the engine of a plane is damaged it cannot fly. But even if a single vital screw is damaged, the plane also cannot fly. Similarly, even the tiniest living being plays an important role. All living creatures need our help as well in order to survive. They are also our responsibility.” Amma, from The Timeless Path.

Young and Old Get Growing

The GetGrowing course was a great way to spend the bank holiday weekend. This intensive course offered a fantastic opportunity to ‘get our hands dirty’ and provided an introduction to the world of organic farming and a pathway to re-connect with Mother Nature. The weekend course held on 27th-28th August 2016 at two separate locations was taught by kind-hearted Eoin MacCuirc from Ireland. His passion for organic farming techniques was palpable from the depth of his knowledge and his accessible teaching style.

The workshop was well attended, in excess of 15 people, which included many AYUDH volunteers. Since almost everyone was a novice to organic farming, Eoin spent a significant amount of time explaining important initial concepts require. Taking a step by step approach he managed to work through beginning stages of planting and nurturing seedlings to advanced stages such as preparing one’s own compost.

This course came at a crucial time for AYUDH UK as it has plans for a number of environmental initiatives for 2016-2017 including a weekend gardening project at Devon. It also aligns with Amma’s vision of creating a sustainable environment where organic farming serves as a central pillar. AYUDH UK is seeking sponsors to help fund future environmental projects. If you interested in supporting the youth in developing eco-projects financially, please contact — Vishnu Anirudh

Our Birthday Present for our Beloved Amma

Members of the London satsang are keen to do their bit to help fulfil Amma's desire to renew the earth through the planting of trees. They have set a target of 25,000 trees a year in the UK to total 100,000 by the year 2020. "As a devotee's birthday present to Amma, why don't each of us plant 5 trees as OUR Birthday present to Amma this year as well as in the coming 3 years", suggests Yamunah.

Some more ideas for getting involved in tree planting and other GreenFriends activities:

1) If space permitting you can either plant in your own garden (fruit trees as you can eat the fruits too).
2) Or offer to another person who has a bigger piece of land.
3) Collaborate with local schools (email Vasandha for details at
4) Tree planting through Ayudh (email Aiknaath or Kiashini:,
5) Get involved with GreenFriends activities in general: carpooling, composting, etc
6) Collaborate with tree planting teams from the Ashram, India.
7) Collaborate and spread the message all around the globe through devotees, friends and families.
Once you have planted, could you kindly email Ammaecogarden group along with your name, and any other details regarding location, type of tree, and possibly a photo too (or you can also fill in details at Amma's programme at the GreenFriends Table, which will be presented to AMMA)


Eco-Fun Day in Redbridge

Keen gardeners On a sunny weekend day recently, a group of people inspired by Amma’s 2020 message came together to start the eco-garden movement within the Amma community in London. Many factors, often new and unexpected, came together at the correct time to make this possible. Vasandha had been on a waiting list for an allotment for 6 years and then, all of a sudden, was offered the plot by the council at the very time that the interest in the group peaked. She kindly decided to share it with the community.The group was 'brand new' with people from different backgrounds, satsangs and ages. It even included Sheera the dog from Villa Devi who also wanted to help, running around inspecting the work and getting his portion of TLC.

No one had much experience with gardening, being true urbanists and children of the Kaliyuga, we were far from having green fingers. Now, what would come to anyone's mind when contemplating garden work? I don’t know how about you but for me it is the hard labour, sweat and never-ending stream of work, that makes you want to kiss every fruit shelf at the local store with gratitude that you don’t have to do it yourself! However, as usual, the worst case scenario is mostly only in our minds. Once you start doing something you realise how different it is from the image you had watching it from the outside. The great thing about gardening is that it is easy and fun especially when many people are involved. Everyone learns on the job, making mistakes, laughing and making onward progress. All of a sudden, from the hard task that many people had associated with garden work the day turned into one full of laughter and community spirit.

There was a yummy lunch in the sunshine, chanting of the 108 names together in nature, an improvised tent that was trying to fly away with every gust of wind, making new friends with allotment neighbours and new friends within the community. It was a true family feeling and Amma’s smiling presence was very present on the day. Amma’s grace was truly flowing as it has resulted in further events such as the GetGrowing course by Eoin who will fly in specially from Ireland to share best practices on eco-gardening and growing vegetables for Amma's visit in October.

Amma wants us to get serious about the environment and she is saying that every one of us can make a difference if we start growing our veg in an eco-friendly way and by planting more trees. It is good for the nature and good for our health. By providing this service to nature we serve Amma and do the best for ourselves too. In Amma’s own words “When Amma sees the organic vegetables that have been grown, she gets a big smile on her face.” So get involved, make a difference and have fun! — Arya

Ayudh Join in Eco-Garden Project

Ayudh help with tree plantingAyudh kick-started their post-Summit activities by collaborating with the Amma UK team to create an Eco Garden in east London. This was made possible by the kind generosity of Vasandha and the local Council. Furthermore, this was all done in hopes to achieve Ammas dream for all of us to support the environment. On arrival the task appeared daunting, due to the fact that the land had be derelict for many years, however, with much collaboration and hard work, we were able to clean the land and plant an apple tree.

It is important to recognise that not a single one of us had much experience with gardening, but that was not a problem at all, with simple discussions and role allocation we managed to reduce what would have otherwise been an arduous task to something which we could accomplish with relative ease. The day then became filled with laughter, spirit and hope that we could really make a difference to the environment. The feeling of accomplishment resonated with us and has already driven us to begin planning more for this piece of land and for other environmental projects.

This will be the first of many activities that AYUDH UK will do this year. In relation to the environment, we will be revisiting our tree planting project in Devonshire come February. We hope that you can join us there and in all of the other events we have planned. Once again if you would like to get more involved with activates such as: tree planting or to just connect with Ammas young people, please like us on Facebook at AYUDH UK or contact Aiknath at or Kiashini Sriharan on

Relaunch of GreenFriends Newsletter

Relaunch of GreenFriends Newsletter

GreenFriends UK is relaunching its quarterly Enews to all subscribers. To subscribe, or to view the latest edition, please click here or click on the graphic. The next GreenFriends e-news will be mailed out on 20th March. If you’d like to post any articles, events, photos, artwork, etc, please email them to Mary at

Contribute to GreenFriends E-newsletter

GreenFriends UK are launching a quarterly e-news, aiming to network, spread and grow Amma's environmental message throughout the UK. If you are implementing any of the Indeed pledges in your personal or family life, or in the wider community, we'd love to hear from you, as sharing what you’re doing can help inspire and encourage us all to become more environmentally aware.

Please send articles to Mary at by 5th December for the mid-winter edition. All articles on an environmental theme very welcome, including photos, poetry, art, recipes, events or anything else you'd like to contribute. To subscribe to the e-news, email

GreenFriends UK are planning events throughout 2016, which will be posted on the website.

GreenFriends Inspired by Ashram's
Organic Growing

Richard, Kaivalya, Adele and Jane at the Derby satsangGreenFriends from the Midlands have taken inspiration from the Ashram's initiative to grow organic vegetables in any spot they can. Organic vegetable gardens can be found in every spare space around Amritapuri since Amma stressed the importance of avoiding chemically treated food where possible.

GreenFriends Inspired by Ashram's

At the recent Derby satsang, copies of an organic garden planner were distributed to the devotees. This action was inspired by the aim of the ashram to grow organic vegetables for all meals provided, starting off with the food for Amma's Tuesday prasad lunch. For more on the Ashram's growing activities, click here.

Now called the Veg Growers Planner, the chart is available free to members of the website or costs £1.00 to non members by contacting or Tel 02476 303517.

GreenFriends E-Quarterly magazine

The first issue of the UK Greenfriends E-magazine has been published and can be viewed here on the Greenfriends UK website. Planned as a quarterly, the E-magazine aims to encourage devotees to grow their own veg and get involved in other green activities. Each issue will be announced in the E-news, but if you would like to subscribe directly, please email

Allotment News:

A riot of growth as summer takes hold in the allotment. For news of this and a farewell after three years of the allotment diary from Richard and Kaivalya, click here.


InDeed Environmental Campaign is Launched

In honour of Amma's 59th birthday on 27 September, the umbrella group of Amma's charities, Embracing the World®, has launched an environmental campaign called InDeed. It identifies six small things each of us can do to make a big difference for our planet -- all based on Amma's practical suggestions. Click here for more.

To find out more about GreenFriends click here.
To read the latest GreenFriends Article click here

Visit the GreenFriends website

GreenFriends Website

This GreenFriends site has been created in order to support the GreenFriends initiative of Mata Amritanandamayi Math in the UK. We seek to reawaken awareness of the unity between Nature and Humanity and to cultivate an attitude of love and reverence for Mother Nature:

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