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Legal Notice

'Healing in the name of Amma'

Legal information

Sometimes we get to hear that some people use Amma's name to 'heal', to 'do magnetism', to 'lay on of hands', or to practise other healing techniques or physical or psychological therapies, mentioning Amma's name.

It is clear that any person or group pretending to 'cure' or to 'heal' using Amma's name or the name of her organization hasn't received any authorization from Amma to do so.

Amma also specified that she doesn't give any message through anyone (channelling). In other words, Amma does not speak or act through any channel, medium, healer, or cards reading or clairvoyance, etc.

Consequently, neither Amma, M.A.Math or Friends of Amma and its affiliates accept any liability related to financial, physical or psychological damage which could result from the above-mentioned acts. Those persons work exclusively in their own name and under their full responsibility.

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