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Kid's Corner

Amma and Mother Nature

Children from around the world share their vision of The relationship between Amma and Mother Nature

Aisha Dominech,
Age 11, Spain:

"Amma loves every being in the universe equally. Like the planet provides all the necessary things and protects us, Amma gives us all the vital energy that we need! I have many prayers for the environment. I am worried for the species that are endangered and for the pollutions in the atmosphere. My prayer is for an urgent solution. The bad vibrations in the world should come to an end. We need to cultivate Love."

Jesabel Domberger,
Age 11, France:

"Some people are like closed flower buds. When Amma is here, like the Sun, She opens the people with the rays of Her light. Actually, Amma is like the Sun has been born on Earth. It is not just an example, for me it is a reality. Amma is elevating the planet. Not only the people, the Earth, the elements, water, fire, wind-everything is evolving with Amma.

Karlin Fergers,
age 12, Australia

" I feel that one is always with Mother, because how can She be in one place or another when She is constantly infinite. How can an energy that is so infinite just be in one place or in another place? She can only really be everywhere."

Sneha Greta Lorenz,
Age 8,USA:

"It feels like when Amma is blessing one person, She is also blessing a tree or animal. This is because when that person feels Amma's love, they do not want to do bad things like cutting down trees or killing animals. Amma is a devoted Mother who blesses people and saves trees and animals."

Sahaja ZoŽ Wolfe,
Age 12,Canada:

"You can't help but love Amma. It's like how the grass is green and how the sky is blue. That is how we love Amma. It can't be any way else."

Vidya Ravilochan,
Age 9,USA:

"I would compare Amma to a mother bird who is always loving her children, caring for them, helping them and teaching them. Amma is like this. Amma means everything to me. She is in all creatures and in all things."

Valentia Del Pino,
Age 10,Italy:

"Amma is like the moon because it lights up the night and Amma lights up our hearts. I am afraid of the destruction of the world, because man is ruining everything with new technologies. My wish is that everything changes; we can remove the things that destroy the environment, and there is only a world of peace."

Carolin Schug,
Age 12, Germany:

"Amma feels in Her heart compassion for all beings: plants, animals, and humans."

Sashi Laurence,
Age 8,Australia:

"Toxic stuff from the petrol is becoming a real big problem, and all the fumes, plastic and rubbish is going into the ocean and killing turtles. I don't like animals getting killed. I wish for no more animal killing and testing. I want to protect Nature by not letting trees get pulled down, because that's actually wrecking animal's homes as well, not having the forest. I was really sad because I saw they cut down a tree that was 100 years old! And they do it to make paper! So a good way to stop that is to recycle things so trees don't have to get chopped down."

Mangalamba Isra Dewilde,
Age 13, Belgium:

"When someone comes into contact with Amma, its like a leaf falling into a river. The leaf does not know where the river will bring it; the leaf will just flow with the river. It must trust the river and trust that wherever the river takes it will be for the good. If, like the leaf, you can do this, you will one day dissolve in the river and become Amma. If you protest and want to stay on the shore you cannot become Amma. As the river gets bigger, you experience more of Amma's beauty and Love. In the end you become one with the Ocean of God, Amma!"

Amma with young girl

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