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Amritapuri Ashram is an international community that is home to more than 3,000 people. Permanent residents include monastic disciples and families from all over India and abroad. Inspired by Amma, they have dedicated their lives to serving the world. It is here that they live with Amma, assisting the Ashram's humanitarian activities and imbibing her teachings, imparted through the example of her own life.

When Amma is not travelling, she makes herself available day and night to receive visitors who come for her darshan, and to meet with disciples and volunteers who manage the many humanitarian projects. Amma also advises her monastic disciples about their spiritual practices. Several times a week, Amma sits with everyone in meditation and holds open question-and-answer sessions. She also leads devotional singing almost every night.

Amritapuri is a place of pilgrimage for people from around the world who are searching for solace, inspiration and inner peace. Thousands of people come to the Ashram every day to experience Amma's boundless love.

As Amritapuri is the main centre of Amma's international humanitarian service work, it is from here that many of Amma's disciples go out to manage the Ashram's institutions and branch centres, and to conduct public programmes in India and abroad.

Planning a visit to Amritapuri?

International visitors are now requested to register in advance of their visit at Advance registration will make your check-in process much faster upon arrival, and help to guarantee that space is available for you. You may also use the online form to order an ashram taxi to pick you up at an airport or hotel, and receive answers to FAQs.

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