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IAM - Integrated Amrita Meditation Technique®



IAM INSPIRATION I first learnt the IAM technique in 2008 at the ashram. I was the youngest person in the class by around 20 years and I found it challenging: my mind was not still, my breathing was not coordinated, I was pretty sure i was not doing the correct way and it was never quiet enough when I sat down to practice. However I noticed that even at the end of those few first days I was a little calmer.

Being fickle I only managed to practice it a few times before finding 'life' taking over. I gave up on it because I thought I was not doing it right, I was not seeing what i was supposed to, and, at the time, felt more stiff than enlightened. However I never seemed to be able to forget that feeling of peace it brought me. After reading a book about mindfulness, I thought that actually I wanted to try harder. This time I would just concentrate and 'be'.

I attended another complete IAM course, this time in the UK. After this course I feel the IAM actually became a part of me. Since November 2010 I have been practicing the IAM technique every morning. I am in no way a sage, I am not sure if I am becoming enlightened but what I will say is that the IAM technique has helped me in numerous very subtle ways. Overall it just made everything in life that little bit easier, it has made it easier to smile and that 30mins with myself and Amma, trying to let go of everything- the good, the bad, the ugly- and just being there has helped me to be more centred.

Like everything I believe my IAM practice has bad habits thus I make it a rule to try and go for an IAM group once a year. I find is that practicing IAM in a group setting has a different energy, it helps to improve on technique and makes it an opportunity to ask questions. It is also a great bonding exercise and makes it feel like you are harnessing more of Amma in the practice. The IAM has become part of who we are.



On 14th February I was lucky enough to attend a day course to learn Amma's IAM meditation technique. I arrived to find a beautifully dressed room, filled with a wide variety of people from all kinds of backgrounds, but all there for the same reason, to take a rare opportunity to learn a meditation technique which we hoped would benefit us in our lives, whatever our goals may be. Personally, I had a wonderful day, broken down into manageable and understandable sections that I found comfortable to digest without losing concentration. The tutor was very clear and open and honest with his answering of questions from the group and his calmness and assuredness was there for all to see. At the climax of the day, we ran through everything we'd learned from start to finish and for me, it began to come together nicely. It wasn't really until the next day, however, that I started to clearly see the benefit. The clarity of thought and the blissful serenity which had entered me was so obvious I couldn't put it down to anything else but the previous day's experience. I gained a clear idea of what to do in some major areas of my life, not least my career, which I seized upon immediately! I really was stunned how improved my daily morning meditation became and how situations which had baffled me previously seemed to be clear and easily manageable! I'm still trying to build the technique into my daily routine and progressing slowly with it as it can become challenging for me at times but we were told to expect this on the day so I'm sure it will only become more simple to practice with each time. All in all, an incredibly worthwhile and thoroughly enjoyable day!


I attended the meditation class on the 14th of February in Thingwall on the Wirral, and what a great day it was, I am quite new to meditation and found the whole day to be a lovely exciting experience. I didn't really know what to expect from the day but was immediately made to feel comfortable and relaxed, the people attending the event were beautiful and the atmosphere was very loving between everyone, I made some friends on the day and will be keeping in touch with them.

As the day went on the technique was demonstrated and talked through in very easy-to-follow stages. When the technique was completed I felt very still inside. I am confident that I will be able to follow the instructions I was given at home. I left feeling full of love and confident i would be able to practise on my own .We were offered an email option of sharing our progress and support if we were having any difficulty.

The food on the day was so tasty, and beautifully served to us by Susie and Keith, who worked tirelessly on the day to make it a success. I would like to say a big thank you to Michael and his wife who were very precise and patient with the instructions given and the questions that they answered. I know this technique will help me to grow as a human being and deepen my conscious contact with God, for which I’m eternally grateful.

Many thanks and love to Amma who has blessed me with this opportunity



It was wonderful to get the opportunity to take part in the IAM Course near Liverpool and our family found the experience to be a spiritually unique one. We felt Amma's presence with us all day and the love and harmony which in spite of the cold that some had to contend with in the hall, which we apologise for so much, was so abundant between everyone there. We also delighted in meeting so many devotees from the north with whom we shall keep in touch and hope to gather together for the next Amma visit.

Our Bhajan group had the opportunity to sing the Divine Name and we all felt encouraged and filled with grace and gratitude to be devotees of Amma.

We look forward to maybe another course next year, with Amma's blessings.

Susie and Keith



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