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Hurricane Relief

News Update: 13 December 2005

International Humanitarian Organisation, M.A. Math mobilizes thousands of U.S. volunteers to collectively support Gulf Coast Hurricane Relief Effort. Former President WillI AM J. Clinton is presented with a cheque by the charity for $1M on behalf of the Bush-Clinton Katrina Fund.

Hurricane Katrina Relief Efforts

“Pray with your heart. Work with your hands.” These were the simple instructions that Amma offered to everyone in the wake of the tsunami. Now, a full eight months later, a similar scene is repeating itself on the other side of the globe. As most of the world watches, stunned by the devastation inflicted by Hurricane Katrina, Amma is again asking us to follow these simple instructions. To read her message click here.

The devastating hurricane Katrina has taken hundreds of lives and displaced millions of people in the states of Louisiana, Missisippi, Alabama, Kentucky & Georgia.

M. A. Centre and its affiliate centres are working towards bringing relief to the survivors in different parts of the country. For all the latest updates go to

Amma has requested all her centres worldwide to pray for all the victims and offer immediate help.

To make a donation click here

If you are interesting in helping in the relief efforts go to

Former President Clinton is presented with a cheque

The victims of hurricane Katrina flee

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