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Humanitarian Aid

Amma’s charitable organisation has such a vast, multifaceted infrastructure that when a major disaster strikes anywhere in India, Amma is able to immediately send out her monastic disciples and volunteers, including professionals in various fields, to take care of every aspect of disaster relief work, from emergency work to long-term rebuilding and rehabilitation.

Amma's house-building project provides free houses for the homeless and slum-dwellers. In 1998, Mr. Atal Behari Vajpayee, the Prime Minister of India at the time, handed over a symbolic key for the first 5,000 free homes to beneficiaries in Kerala. By 2002, the initial target of 25,000 homes throughout India had been met, and Amma immediately made a second pledge— this time to build 100,000 houses throughout India.

Other projects include pensions for 50,000 abandoned women and widows, orphanages and schools for street children, care homes for the aged and feeding of the poor.

During Amritavarsham50 in 2003, Amma performed mass marriage ceremonies in order to help the poor who could not afford a proper wedding ceremony. Wedding gifts were also provided for the poor couples.

Amma comforts grief-stricken families

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