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Amma says, " It is the nature of the body to become sick. Therefore, it's important to undergo required medical treatment. In order to know God, it is necessary to preserve the physical instrument-the body. Therefore, hospitals and treatment are not incompatible with spirituality. They are crucial in maintaining the body, which is a means to know the soul( Self)."

In the early 1990's, Amma told her monastics that she had a vision of creating a very specialized hospital that would offer the most modern medical care to the poor and the destitute. In her travels throughout India, Amma came across thousands of adults and children who suffered from heart problems. They were on long waiting lists for four to seven years and would probably never get treatment. Thus, born out of Her infinite compassion is the super-specialty AIMS hospital.

There are many medical programs and institutions inspired by Amma that provide professional treatment and relief to the sick and the destitute. These medical institutions and programs range from charitable hospitals, hospices, nursing homes, medical outreach programs, disaster relief programs, tribal welfare programs and so on.

Amma with baby

Hospital ward at AIMS

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