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GreenFriends started in India in 2001 as a movement for the
preservation and protection of the environment.
It has since spread to Amma’s groups around the world. GreenFriends encourages us to reawaken our awareness of the unity between nature and humanity and to cultivate an attitude of love and reverence for Mother Nature.

Through the power of individual acts of love and prayer, every person
has the potential to play a vital role in restoring the lost harmony
between humanity and nature. As ‘GreenFriends,’ people practise
meditation, plant trees, conserve natural resources in daily life
and participate in projects that promote environmental awareness.

GreenFriends UK website

You can read more about GreenFriends at the new interactive GreenFriends UK site This site contains the full text of Amma's Green Year initiative, which has been published in Matruvani every month since it started on World Environment Day (June 5th).

Please keep in contact for details of meetings and events throughout the year.

For more information, email, or leave a message on 01993 868600.

GreenFriends France

To download the 2009 GreenFriends France PDF magazines in english, click on the links below:
- Download August 2009 PDF
- Download February 2009 PDF

"Living in the Respect of Nature" 2008
Click here
to download the Powerpoint Leafet in english.

Amma's Teachings,

"Everything is pervaded by Consciousness. It is that Consciousness which sustains the world and all the creatures in it. To worship everything, seeing God in all, is what religion advises. Such an attitude teaches us to love Nature. None of us would consciously injure our own body, because we know it would be painful. Similarly, we will feel the pain of other people to be our own when the realisation dawns within us that everything is pervaded by one and the same Consciousness. Compassion will arise, and we will sincerely wish to help and protect all. In that state, we won't feel like plucking even a leaf unnecessarily. We will pick a flower only on the last day of its existence, before it falls from the stem. We will consider it as very harmful to the plant, and to Nature, if the flower is plucked on its very first day due to our greediness.

Looking at Nature and observing its selfless way of giving, we can become aware of our own limitations. That will help to develop devotion and self-surrender to God. Thus, Nature helps us to become closer to God and teaches us to truly worship Him. In reality, Nature is nothing but God's visible form which we can behold and experience through our senses. Indeed, by loving and serving Nature, we are worshipping God Himself.

Just as Nature creates the favourable circumstances for a coconut to become a coconut tree, and for a seed to transform itself into a huge fruit tree, Nature creates the necessary circumstances through which the individual soul can reach the Supreme Being and merge in eternal union with Him. A sincere Truth seeker, or a true believer, cannot harm Nature because he or she sees Nature as God - he doesn't experience Nature as being separate from himself. He is the real lover of Nature."
- Amma

UK GreenFriends Contact:

UK GreenFriends website:

Children plant trees

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