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GreenFriends UK

UK GreenFriends website:

GreenFriends Enews June Edition

GreenFriends UK is producing a quarterly enews to all subscribers. To subscribe, or view the June edition please visit GreenFriends Newsletter June 2016. Archive editions can be viewed here.

The next GreenFriends enews will be mailed out on 22 September. If you’d like to post any articles, events, photos, artwork etc, please email them to Mary at by 12 September.

Get Involved with GreenFriends

Amma is with us for no more than three days in the year, in one small part of the UK. What happens on the other 362 days and in other parts of the UK? In particular, what steps are being taken to study and put into practice Amma's InDeed pledges?

To find out more, go to the GreenFriends UK site. We need your help! If you are a member of a local satsang, contact your satsang leader as well. We are planning a GreenFriends event in the next few months, which may consist of a GetGrowing course led by the Irish exponents. There will be films and other attractions. If you are interested please write to, or use the contact form on the GreenFriends site.

First UK GetGrowing Residential Course: Report

The UK mainland’s first Get Growing weekend took place in the Redfield Centre, Buckinghamshire in May. Beautiful friends of Amma travelled from the far reaches of the country. Ranging from the complete novice to the dedicated long-term gardener, participants shared in community under the tuition of our knowledgeable Irish GreenFriend, Eoin, ably assisted by Clare, who recently attended the Irish GetGrowing course.

A relaxed atmosphere supported our hands-on introduction to growing fruit and vegetables for ourselves. We studied loving pest control, compost teas and how to plant seeds. I returned full of ideas on how to recycle and reuse materials to make greenhouses, cloches and my favourite pallet tubs! We are all enthused and ready to support others on the next Get Growing courses. country.

To find out about a course near you, please contact Mary on and go to the GreenFriends website for more information. — Surya

Gardening Corner:

“Living in harmony with nature and all creatures is the biggest puja (worship of God). Only then can we experience the truth of the Rishi’s words, “isavasyamidam sarvam” (everything is pervaded by God.”
- Amma's Message, Matruvani October 2004

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