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“Those who are engaged in selfless service... may receive hundreds of thousands of dollars but will deliver the equivalent of millions to people in need.

This is because their motives are selfless; they simply desire to benefit society. Rather than take any remuneration for themselves they give all they can to those who are suffering.”

Call to Action for Seva Honouring
Ammaís 60th birthday

The ashram is Amritapuri is calling on all satsang groups to take part in and then document volunteer projects to be presented to Amma during her birthday celebrations. You will all have recently received an email with a letter from Br Shubamrita explaining how to document projects you are taking part in. Click here to see the email again and scroll down for video instructions.

Events being planned by the London satsang include:

Tree Planting Project
Saturday 31 August. 10am
Alliston House Care Home. Church Hill Road Walthamstow E17 9RX
Come along and help to plant giant Himalayan Birch Trees at this Care Home for patients suffering from dementia. The ground has been prepared already but we need many strong helpers to lift and plant the trees. Please come prepared with waterproof boots/Wellingtons, gloves and suitable clothing for a possibly muddy but highly satisfying seva. We plan to complete our video shoot for Amma's Birthday celebrations. Contact Yamunah if you intend to come.

Organic Apple Picking (for distribution to charity)
Sunday 1 September. 10.30am
Pramoni Farm, Popes Lane, Oxted RH8 9PP
(opposite Edenbridge Farm Fishery) Followed by picnic and bhajans

Amrita Balakendra
Saturday 7 September. 3-6pm
Sunningdale, followed by the monthly satsang.

Car Boot Sale (funds for Ammaís Charities).
Sunday 8 September Venue details:

Clothes and bric-a-brac needed
Contact: Sandra Richmond

For more information on these and other activities, or to subscribe to the London area e-weekly, contact

Silent Minute at Big Ben

A big Thank you to all those who gathered at Parliament Square on that warm and sunny Sunday. Around 30 people gathered together including Bell, Francisís Golden Retriever. What a wonderful celebration, filmed by Henrique (a professional film maker) and our own Pravin & Kuldeep. We then filmed the 'Happy Birthday Amma' there with beautiful posters painted by Han Lim Park with curious members of the public looking. Most of us then were able to have a meal nearby. It was a lovely get together.

Befriending and Community Championing

11 people attended the Befriending Vulnerable People workshop with Julie Brooker from the A2 Dominion Housing Association. Julie was so impressed with our group and our enthusiasm to help that she fast-tracked our enhanced CRB checks and offered us Community Championing status (offered to Corporates) to work specifically with the social housing scheme at the former Chelsea Barracks. There are apparently a large group of single female-parent families including from ethnic minorities who are looking for support. We are looking at the possibility of offering Yoga, Meditation, Music, Art, ESOL (English as a Foreign Language teaching), healthy living and tea parties.

I’d like to help out.. How do I go about it?

There are several ways to help :
  • Fundraising before the event
  • Donating your time during the event
  • Volunteering your skills during the year

OK. What about fundraising?

One way of making a difference is to organise your own event, no matter how small. Every contribution will help. (It could be a jumble sale, a car boot sale, a sponsored walk or run, whatever you feel comfortable doing).

Amma herself has asked us to get involved in raising money for the UK Programme so that more of the funds raised at Alexandra Palace can be sent to India for her charities.



To make online donations click here.
To set up Give as you earn or for details of one off or monthly donations all the details can be found in the Contact Us Section. To donate towards this years visit go to Raising money for Amma's visit.

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Donation Information

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Seva (Volunteering): taking the initiative

It's very easy to start doing seva, volunteering. You don't have to start a project to start volunteering. There are so many easy ways you can start which require little or no training (see below). Selfless activity (seva) is something that can be done every day of the year. Amma encourages just that (see Amma on selfless service, below).

Opportunities for seva

Bringing help to the needy covers a vast range of activities and issues from the special needs of the elderly (those in sheltered housing, in care homes), poor one parent families, orphans, children with special educational needs, the blind, battered women, the hard of hearing, immigrants, the illiterate, the homeless, the lonely, those with suicidal tendencies, prisoners, ex-prisoners, those in hospices, long term hospital inmates. It's a very long list and there are literally thousands of charities and voluntary bodies dedicated to meeting these needs. But for virtually every one of these areas of need there are gaps in provision. So there are countless opportunities to offer aid and many organisations which exist to channel people to where aid is needed.

Starting to offer seva

You can start now by contacting a number of different organisations, such as: go to the "Volunteering England" web site/"I want to volunteer" section - there is a wealth of information on this site; or contact your local volunteer bureau. Such bureaux exist throughout the country.

Ways in which you can help

Just a few examples of help that requires little or no training:
  • Singing/ individually/as a group/ singing bhajans in care homes, sheltered housing.
  • Helping single parents with shopping, looking after children
  • Taking people (frail elderly, handicapped etc ) for walks to say a park
  • Corresponding with lonely people, prisoners
  • Taking blind people shopping, to GP, hospital
  • Kitchen assistant in soup kitchens for homeless people
  • Hospital "buddy" (i.e. providing friendship to people in long term care)
  • Hospital visits with a dog (if permitted)
  • Assistant in children and women's groups
There are thousands of opportunities like this. Once you have started please let me know via We'd like to know how you find it and encourage others to do something similar. Please contact me if you need any help or advice. When speaking to various organisations it isn't important to bring Amma to people's attention. It is more important to do the work.

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