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Embracing The World

Where there is love, there is no effort.

Amma travels constantly throughout the world in response to the heartfelt longing of people who seek lasting peace and harmony in their lives.

Tens of thousands wait patiently in line, often through the night and into the morning hours, for a chance to receive a blessing, a motherly hug and a few soothing words from this smiling woman in a simple white sari. They know that their turn will come; she doesn't turn anyone away, even if it means embracing people for a whole day and night, nor does she charge any money. Regularly, Amma gives darshan for hours on end, without a moment's rest. In some places, she has embraced 40 to 50 thousand people in a single programme, sitting almost 24 hours to do so.

“Where there is love, there is no effort.
Other people’s happiness is my rest.”


When asked by the BBC, “why do you hug people?” she replied, “that is like asking a river, ‘why do you flow?’ It simply flows because that is its nature. In the same way, this is Amma’s nature—a mother expressing her love to her children.” This unique, extraordinary expression of universal love is known as Amma’s darshan.

“When Amma embraces
people, it is not just physical contact that is taking place.
The love Amma feels for all
of creation flows towards
each person who comes
to Her. That pure vibration
of love purifies people,
and this helps them in
their inner awakening
and spiritual growth.”

Amma holds a baby
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