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Diary Excerpt 9

September 2015 - UK devotees experience at the ashram

Happy Christmas Cake with
Amma in Amritapuri

Happy Christmas Cake with

We had a joining of hearts and spirits with the Irish group for Christmas Day and that was a really lovely way to spend Christmas with Amma and our wider Amma family: we had all the trimmings! So the intention for New Year's was for the UK Amma Family to host a tea party. We wanted to feel a sense of unity, joy and set an intention to be a collective force or energy, so that a centre for Amma could be realised in the UK.

This could only happen when hearts and minds come together in the spirit of Unity!! At our New Years party, we had tea, Indian snacks (samosas, banana chips and much more) and of course cake! The suggestion to take it up to Amma whilst she was giving darshan on the stage was proposed! No-one felt brave enough to try their luck (even grown men cowered like lambs); it was only the courage of a beautiful devotee called Jegadambe who plucked up the courage to take the cake up to Amma and see what would happen.

So Kamini and I went up with her; we felt like meek mice compared to the courage of this lioness who was holding the cake! We decided to go over to the men's side – the least amount of prickly character to contend with. To our surprise, it was effortlessly smooth and welcoming on that side. All the guys were curious about the cake and our intention for Amma to bless it.

We suddenly found our selves in front of Amma; there was nowhere to hide but to go with our conviction, intention and courage to ask if she would bless it. Then she put her hand in the chocolate icing. Her eyes sparkled and glistened with absolute delight. Despite glaring eyes from her senior Ashram coordinators and Swamis, communicating to her not to eat the sweet gooey cake (for diabetes sake!), she had the look of a determined child, who was happy to break all the rules that had been put on her. She ate the cake twice and fed us and everybody around her! As the saying goes, have your cake and eat it!

We were asked what was the occasion and the celebration! We mentioned that this was the first time so many UK devotees had been at Amritapuri at the same time; we were holding a unity party with everybody and we wanted Unity to be our intention for the new year! We also invited Amma to our party She agreed! She attended it in her magical way, whilst still giving darshan!

So many people in the Ashram were curious and asked what we were doing. We distributed the cake throughout the ashram and this melted so many hearts. It was lovely for Br Shubamrita to attend and be with us all. What a magical time and gathering! What I have taken away is that there is magic and wonderment in the coming together.

Amma really rocked it when it came to the dawning of the New Year, her poignant speech and New Year’s message so profound. Then she danced so ecstatically and she wanted us all to dance. Then she fed us payasam (ambrosia in a cup). Our Amma is definitely a mother that is abundant and overflowing with grace. — Vargini

Amma walks to Azhikkal
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