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Diary Excerpt 7

September 2015 - UK devotees experience at the ashram

A Day in Amritapuri

Amma opens my eyes, a gentle Awakening. Three bells chime the call to Archana. The breath of the ocean arises in awareness, washing in through the open window. Stealth embraces the tranquility of a morning before the dawn. Birds are heard chattering and the pulsing of many a-cricket's call.

White ghostly figures move, drawn by Kali's Light to worship. Voices unite in harmony, to honor Lalita, the Divine. Our homage over, the light has dawned in the peace and pervading stillness. Friends meet and exchange a greeting before Seva begins. And vegetables offer themselves selflessly for chopping.

All the while too, the internal journey unfolds. Mantra chanting returns the Bliss of Presence. The garden is dancing with butterflies and the open faces of a 1,000 flowers. Wheatgrass shoots have sprouted and green stems reach for the sky. Chanting catches the breeze from an open window, the velvety voice of a Swami and a world singing God's praises.

A climb up the mountain to the top of Amritanjali, the breathtaking bird's eye view from the balcony top.

Workmen acknowledged on the way with a Namah Shivaya and a head wobble. Taking centre stage, the scene of Krishna in his chariot harnessing five white steads.

To the left, backwaters and coconut palms stretch as far as the eye can see.

To the right, the expanse of ocean, aahhh the light, the light, the light, constantly being touched by the Light.

Lines of laundry flutter ripples of gratitude, cleansed and happy.

An early visit to the bank. An oasis of cool, fresh air. Respite from the furnace of the burning flame of Her Sun. Where money flows as easy as the backwater river. The gold from Lakshmi's Divine hand.

News of Amma reaches the masses. Through the Matruvani newsletter. Kali's temple a hive of busy bees preparing it for posting. Amrita to your door. Nectar for all.

Food is served and tempting cakes abound. The Ashram bakery a treasure trove of sweet treats. Amma's naughty and delightful play with the senses. A pink Ganesha is celebrated, resplendent on a dazzling shrine. The patter of devotee's feet ebbs and flows.

Someone shares their woes with the International Office. The Kali temple lions roar in silence, Krisha's chime sounds and a bicycle bell rings.

The abundant heart that is Amma's Gift Shop. Where Puja ornaments beguile the eye and wise words in books, wait to quench thirsty souls.

Engaging with exchanges, a delicious taste of Her Divine Grace.

And so to Bhajans. The main temple brimming with expectation. Heavenly music lifts the roof and the sea of voices wave, to Amma's vast ocean. Fire and smoke signal the Arati, Aum Jaya Jaya to Ki-i, Jai.... Enthusiastic chanting to Ganesha from the Kalari temple fills an Ashram corner.

The Festival Continues..

By Michelle Hughes

Amma walks to Azhikkal
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