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Diary Excerpt 4

26 Dec 2005 - a UK devotee experiences life at the ashram

Praying for peace in memory of the tsunami victims:

It’s a year since Amma led us out of Amritapuri along the beach road to pray for peace in the aftermath of the tsunami. The area was devastated, houses destroyed in all directions. Holding tiny oil lamps we circled around the cremation grounds of the victims and for hours said prayers for peace.

Today we did the same. Along the beach road people from all over the world walked the 5km towards the place where the cremation ceremonies had been held a year earlier. Amid the thousands, were 750 westerners who lined the roads holding oil lamps chanting, ‘Om lokahaah samastaah sukhino bhavantu’ (May all beings in all the worlds be happy). The local villagers looked on and many joined in. Their suffering cannot be measured or understood. Some of the local mothers have young babies, born since the tsunami. Slowly they are rebuilding their lives with the help of M.A.Math which has built hundreds of new houses. There are still some house foundations, standing alone and untouched, a haunting reminder of the massive destruction.

The oil lamps flickered in front of us as we chanted. Under the coconut trees the sun’s fierce heat penetrated through the branches. The sky was blue above and birds flew over, high in the sky. Amma arrived, walking down the avenue of oil lamps with their flickering flames. As she passed, everyone who had lined the route followed her to the cremation grounds. Here prayers were said for the peace of all those who were lost to the tsunami and the remaining families and relatives of the victims. The sun slowly set behind us, red and radiant sending a trail of flickering fiery light that played on the waves. It was hard to believe that this placid sea had risen up to become a wall.

Slowly each one of us circled the peace shrine that had been created there. In the diminishing light and a mood of deep introspection, the thousands walked back to the ashram.

- Radha

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