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Latest Messages

"Amma's essence and wealth are her children" - Amma's 53rd Birthday Message

27 September 2006

"Amma does not see this occasion as a celebration of her birth. Amma sees it as a day to make her children happy and to start new service activities," Amma began. "Amma's essence and wealth are her children. May the oil lamps of selflessness and divine love that shine in your hearts become the light of the world."

Amma went on to address the current world situation, saying how wars, violence and terrorist attacks will only come to an end when hatred, loathing and desire for revenge are eradicated. "For this to happen, we must awaken to our true nature, which is love. This love should reverberate in each and every aspect of our life," Amma said.

Amma went on to speak about the problem of mankind's unrestrained exploitation of Nature, love in the modern world, anger, the importance of values and dharma, and the nature of the mind.

At one point, Amma addressed the soaring suicide rate in Kerala, which is particularly high amongst farmers who become mired in debt after harvest failures. "The Ashram wants to do many other things for such people," Amma said. "If there is cooperation also from the government and society, a lot of change can take place. We need to understand the gravity of this situation. Amma's compassionate children should be ready to render service towards this cause. Otherwise this trend will lead us to disaster."

When Amma finished her address, it was time for the public function and the inauguration of the Ashram's new charitable projects.


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