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A prayer for world peace and harmony

More than a celebration of Amma's 50th birthday, Amritavarsham50 was a prayer for world peace and harmony - a beautiful expression of Amma's power to unite humanity for the benefit of the world. Earlier Amma had warned that 2005 could be a very difficult year for the world.

She said it was as if dark clouds were covering the world, but with our prayers we could disperse those clouds or make them rain grace. She urged everyone to pray for world peace and harmony.

From around the world, over half a million people gathered together in Kochi, India, for the four-day event. The ceremony for the Convergence of the Waters of the World and the Parade of Nations were at the heart of this international event. Participants carried river water and flags from the 191 countries of the United Nations. As the procession entered, the packed stadium reverberated with the ancient peace prayer, Om Lokaah Samasthaah Sukhino Bhavantu, may all beings in all the worlds be happy. Amma poured all the waters into one urn in a beautiful prayer for unity and world peace.

International entrepreneurs, peace makers, educationalists, spiritual leaders, environmentalists, India's foremost political leaders and cultural artists, and 200,000 participants packed the stadium every day. India's President, Vice President and Deputy Prime Minister expressed their gratitude to Amma for her immense humanitarian efforts. On this occasion, the Ashram announced many new compassionate outreach programmes.

The President of India's address, aimed especially at the thousands of young people in attendance, called upon them to uphold noble ideals and to serve the poor. Artists from around the world performed traditional dance, music and theatre from their countries in a huge celebration of cultural diversity. Inspired by Amma's inexhaustible outpouring of love, 12,000 volunteers fed and took care of the 200,000 people who participated in the event each day.

Cultural programme


CEOs—Poverty Alleviation: His Excellency the President made an urgent call to the Indian business community to come forward and help India’s undereducated rural population. “Unless poverty is removed globally, we may not get stability,” he said. Plans for transforming rural communities were submitted to him.

Religion: Hindu, Muslim, Christian, Buddhist, Jewish and Jain religious leaders discussed how practising the principles of any religion, in truth, should sow peace and tolerance, rather than prejudice and conflict.

Women: Women leaders explored Amma’s concept of universal motherhood as the principle of unconditional love inherent in both women and men.

Youth: Twelve young men and women from Asia, the United States, South America, Europe and Australia spoke to thousands of youths about how Amma has transformed their lives.

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Lokaah Samastaah
Sukhino Bhavantu

May all beings
in all the worlds
be happy


Woman in peace parade

The President of India
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