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Amma's Message

Love is the foundation of a happy life

Amma has time and again emphasised that the duty of every human being is to realise his true Self, or in other words, "know who we really are." She does not favour any particular religion. When asked to which religion she belongs, she says, “my religion is love and service.”

“Love is the foundation of a happy life. Knowingly or unknowingly we are forgetting this truth,” she says. Amma, on several occasions, has said that it is important not only to feel love but also to express it. “After all, love is our true nature. When we do not express love in our words and actions it is like honey hidden in a rock.“ She says, “it is of no use to anyone. This mutual sharing and expressing of love should begin at home between married couples and between parents and children. Only then will there be peace and harmony at home and in society.”

Amma salutes the sunset
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