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AIMS Services


In 2002, AIMS established the first Telemedicine Centre in Kerala in partnership with the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO). The centre allows medical information to be processed from remote centres throughout India via satellite, including Sabarimala, Amritapuri and the Andaman Islands. Telemedicine was used extensively to facilitate MAM’s relief work following the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami.

AIMS also operates a Mobile Telemedicine Unit, the size of a city bus, which brings sophisticated medical care to remote areas. The Telemedicine Unit was sent to Bihar by train to assist MAM’s flood-relief operations there in 2008.

Special Outreach Projects

Screening For Cleft Lip and Lip-Palate Defects

Cleft palates and lip-palate defects are the fourth most common deformities in the world. 35,000 babies in India are born with such conditions every year, and AIMS is one of the few hospitals in India providing the necessary reconstructive surgeries. The Head and Neck Department provides reconstructive surgeries and runs regular free screening camps to locate and treat new cases.
Cleft lip repair at AIMS »

Diabetes Prevention

Diabetes is one of the major life-threatening diseases in Kerala. AIMS Department of Endocrinology set up the Amrita Diabetes Welfare Society to increase awareness of the disease and to provide free insulin for poor patients. The Association holds exhibitions, and medical camps are regularly held to promote preventive measures.
Endocrinology Department at AIMS »

Monitoring Rheumatic Heart Disease

The Indian Council of Medical Research has identified AIMS as one of the three national centres for the monitoring of rheumatic fever and rheumatic heart disease. Under the guidance of the Paediatric Cardiac Services, the project determines the trends of the diseases in school children, and educates the public about preventative measures.
Pediatric Cardiology Department at AIMS »

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Treatment at the free medical camp

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