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AIMS Hospital

AIMS Hospital was created out of Amma’s desire to provide outstanding and affordable medical care in a spirit of compassion to all, regardless of ability to pay. AIMS is dedicated to the service of humanity, and the institution offers charitable care to the fullest extent possible to those in need. Most patients receive free or subsidised care.

The 1,300-bed hospital, which has an attached medical college hospital with a 400-bed facility, comprises 12 main speciality institutes, 12 associated medical departments and 24 operating theatres. It also has a 210-bed intensive care facility, as well as paramedical-outreach and support services.

AIMS started the first Geriatric Department in India. Patient care is enhanced by state-of-the-art diagnostic clinical laboratories and body-scanning facilities. The fully computerised and networked Hospital Information System (HIS) ensures rapid transmission of diagnoses to surgeons and physicians.

From 1998 to 2008, AIMS and all the healthcare institutions run by MAM treated 3,635,586 patients. During that time they provided Rs.198 crores and 63 lakhs (more than $49 million US) worth of free medical care; 1,162,365 patients received completely free treatment.

Patient Care

The hospital offers sophisticated and compassionate care in a serene and beautiful atmosphere. AIMS is recognized as one of the premier hospitals in South Asia. The institution has attracted a highly qualified and dedicated team of medical professionals with international experience. Patients come to AIMS from all parts of India and from all over the world.

Outpatients have rapid and easy access to a wide range of medical departments at a very low cost. Cross-speciality consultation assures thorough, outstanding treatment for each patient.

AIMS’ CENTRE FOR HOLISTIC MEDICINE offers integrated treatment for various diseases, combining modern medicine with yoga, ayurveda and naturopathy.

Pain and Palliative Home Care

Started in 1999, this department provides loving medical care and psychological support to impoverished patients with terminal diseases. Doctors visit patients in their homes, supply drugs, counsel the families and supervise nursing care. 75,000 patients are treated annually-all free of charge. Most hospitals are not interested in providing such a service, as to do so is not financially remunerative.


AIMS has an extensive research capability with projects supported by the Indian Council of Medical Research, the Department of Science & Technology, the Depart- ment of Indian System of Medicine & Homeopathy and other national and international research bodies.

IMM focuses on basic medical research in the areas of cell biology, bio-informatics and stem cells.

This institute assists AIMS faculty, research staff and students in designing research, analyzing data and interpreting results. It also conducts workshops and seminars for updating knowledge in techniques of analyses.

ACNS conducts research in cancer nano-technology and was the first such centre established by the Government of India. Research is aimed at developing affordable nano implants.

ACNS is developing techniques for the early detection and treatment of cancer using quantum dots, gene slicing, and nano-particles. Nano-technology to treat malaria, inflammations and osteoporosis is also being developed. ACNS also conducts research in the development of thin film devices for sensor applications and solar cells.

“The hospital is a manifestation of Amma’s tremendous
compassion for the suffering poor. A lot of the people
working at AIMS are our own unsalaried ashram residents.
We are working at a small fraction of the cost of a commercial
hospital, and with far greater attention to quality because
of the labour of love that this represents for all of us.”

Dr. Prem Nair, AIMS Medical Director
Website of AIMS Hospital in India:

AIMS Hospital

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